Director Message


Information is power. This fact has been profoundly established with the fast growth of telecommunication tools & techniques viz. computers, electronic mail, satellite communication, video conferencing, optical fiber technology artificial intelligence, internet & networking methods, These days,information, the ultimate power on earth. reaches at any place, be thousands kilometres ahead in a nano-seconds through interplanetary satellite communication. This fast growing and changing technology has influenced the earlier man-machine communication principles and practices, immensely Apparently, this event has enormously changed the concepts & application areas of newspapers, films, audio-visual systems and other means of mass communication.

Viewing the events and changes the institute has introduced academic programmes having contents and application related to new environment of mass communication and journalism. The educational courses aim to disseminate appropriate knowledge to the participants, willing to opt for careers in the areas of journalism, advertising. public relations, photography, film- making, electronic communication, multi-media, television, cable-channels. The Institute has initiated academic programmes related to the above mentioned areas through formal, non-formal, distance and online internet mode for the benefit of working persons, housewives, persons at distant places and others unable to undertake regular educational programmes.

Thanking you and looking forward to your entry in the wonderful world of mass-communication and journalism.

Prof. Dr. Samir Kumar Singh